Body Massage Light program

What is included in the Light body massage program?

Body massage is a combination of sex and massage. Thanks to him, you can diversify your intimate life, get a new experience. So, body massage is recommended for people who have difficulty achieving orgasm. Unlike the classical technique, the specialist affects all parts of the body, and not just the hands. The client’s body is massaged with the face, hips, chest.

Components of body massage Light

You need a spacious room. A large bed (3×3 m) or a soft couch is acceptable. Another option: the floor – a soft blanket is laid on it.

The atmosphere matters. Body massage for men is not only tactile sensations, stimulation of erogenous zones. Experiences are important. To do this, the overhead light is turned off in the massage parlor. Candles and incense sticks are burning in the room. There should be no domestic noise.

Be sure to use oil. It is preheated a little. You can choose from scented or unscented oils.

How is the session going?

Body massage in Kyiv begins with a prelude. To do this, the masseuse gently kneads the body, rubbing tense muscles. It changes the degree of impact from barely perceptible to strong.

Then the masseuse proceeds to apply the oil. She slowly pours it onto her chest, rubs it over her body, slowly sliding from top to bottom. Then it goes to the client. Warm oil spreads over the body, and nimble hands rub it.

Then body massage with relaxation begins. The woman lowers her breasts, writing out intricate patterns with her nipples. Then she touches her face to the man’s abdomen, causing goosebumps to appear on the skin. The masseuse tickles the client with eyelashes.

Another technique is touching the groin. A woman sits on a man, rubbing her private parts over him. Groin touches may be barely felt or strong. The masseuse literally rubs her hips against the client’s torso.

Body massage includes work with the whole body. A woman massages the legs, arms, neck and head of a man. Each zone has a particular sensitivity. Start work from the back. The man needs to lie on his stomach, after which the masseuse caresses him with her groin and chest. The client then rolls over and the physical contact continues.

Completion of the program – orgasm. When a man reaches his peak, he will completely relax. The task of the masseuse is to prolong the state of expectation and enhance the orgasm. To do this, she combines different techniques.

Body massage Light will appeal to those who want to discover new facets of sexual pleasure. A skilled masseuse will help you finish without directly stimulating the penis. Memories of this event will remain for a long time.

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