Vip Massage program

VIP massage in an erotic salon: program features

Three VIP letters are strongly associated with something expensive and status. Erotic massage is no exception. It will appeal to those who value maximum comfort and a special atmosphere. VIP massage is carried out by two girls at the same time. Double pleasure will help everyone achieve a special level of enjoyment.

Features of VIP massage in Kyiv

Erotic massage is always carried out in individual rooms. It is important that no one and nothing bothers the client. For the VIP program, spacious rooms with king-size beds are provided. Before starting the massage, the man takes a shower. Two stylish girls will help him and kindle his desire with seductive forms.

After a shower, the man lies down on the bed and the masseuses in four hands get to work. The best massage in Kyiv is carried out by experienced workers. They massage every part of the body, relaxing it and relieving tension. In parallel with this, telling a man exciting stories.

Fetish items available. A man can caress the legs of girls, ask to be stricter or softer. There are no limits and restrictions in the VIP program. It remains only to decide on the desires and voice them.

VIP-massage in Kyiv is designed for three hours. Classic program – 40-60 minutes. In three hours, you can try out different techniques, get to know the charms of girls and learn the limits of what is permitted.

For VIP massage, only premium aromatic oils are used. They can be heated and applied with brushes. For the atmosphere, music and incense sticks are used.

What additional options are provided?

The VIP program offers advanced features. Among the main ones is a hot show with two girls. They will show an element of strip plasticity, have fun together and arrange an exemplary caress session. One has only to see how two wonderful virgins kiss, and this picture will not go out of my head for a long time.

Another option is a light BDSM session. A man can watch girls spank each other and use whips, crackers, sticks for spanking. If desired, they will blindfold the client and arrange a test for him. He will be kissed, caressed with feathers and whips, causing millions of goosebumps.

For connoisseurs of sensual pleasures, special caresses are provided. So, the girl clamps a strawberry in her mouth and begins to slide it over the man’s skin. Then she gently licks the sweet juice. There is an opportunity to enhance the sensations. To do this, use ice cubes, pieces of citrus or fruit. The task of the masseuse is to make the session unforgettable.

If you need a VIP massage in Kyiv, then you should contact a massage parlor. For clients of a special program, a choice of girls of all types of appearance is provided. Petite loli, statuesque models, plump girls – everything for the client.


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