Program Relax Massage Flirt

It’s easy to relax and get away from everyday thoughts. You just need to go to the massage parlor. There are programs for men only, for women, for couples. Each has its own characteristics. For example, relaxation is a massage aimed at relaxing the body. Special touches relieve tension from the body. Relaxation is necessary for men – after the program, life becomes better.

What is relaxation massage for men?

The main task of a masseuse is to kindle a fire of passion in a man with light touches. The movements release muscle blocks, leading to genuine pleasure. Unlike erotic massage, relaxation is focused on the whole body.

Usually the masseuse starts from the feet, then she goes up to the hips and buttocks, continuing to rub and massage the torso. The girl especially focuses on the spine. The entire back is worked out from the coccyx to the neck.

Massage for men includes different techniques. After rubbing the body, the masseuse covers the man with a warm towel. Then the girl moves on to massaging her hands. It starts with the hands and moves to the forearms.

You must end the session. To do this, the girl massages her back and goes to the hips, then the feet. The reverse transition enhances the effect and improves the sensations of the massage.

Particular attention is paid to the area of ​​the neck and shoulders. They are under the most stress. Most men lead a sedentary lifestyle. This causes the muscles to tighten. Therefore, the back and neck require increased attention. Only a competent effect on the muscles reduces the likelihood of developing osteochondrosis.

In the massage parlor, the relaxation program may include various manipulations. For the convenience of clients, a couch and chairs are installed in the office. Massage of the neck area is carried out in a sitting position.

Added elements of flirting. Flirting, light intimate touches only enhance the sensations. The piquancy of the situation is an almost naked masseuse.

Massage techniques

Proper application of movements guarantees relaxation. The masseuse starts by stroking. This warms up the skin, preparing it for a strong impact. The girl acts with her palm. Then he moves on to grinding. The movement is done with the knuckles, fingertips.

Tweezers are rarely used. Carried out with fingers or phalangeal pads. Tweezers help relieve tension.

Vibrations are an integral part of massage. They are made with the edge of the palm, with the fist. More often vibrations are pats on the skin with brushes.

You can make a relaxation massage in Kyiv in any salon. The main thing is to be an adult and have a couple of hours of free time. You can come in the evening. After relaxation, sleep will be sound.

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