Urological massage

When is a urological massage necessary?

Regular relaxation in a pleasant environment has a positive effect on men. Improves psychological and physical condition. Thai body massage involves caressing parts of the body. A graceful girl will stroke a man with her chest or groin. This enhances the sensations. For special clients unique programs are prepared.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity have different erogenous zones. The main ones are the penis, scrotum (testicles) and the prostate gland. The latter is hidden from view. If you find the prostate gland, you can open up new facets of pleasure for a man.

You can start your acquaintance with special techniques with testicular massage. The client takes a warm shower beforehand. The girl warms her hands. Then he takes the scrotum in his hands. Starts by stroking the testicles with fingers closed in a ring. Then it pulls the skin a little. Then it makes circular motions. This allows you to gradually reach the peak of pleasure.

Penis massage in the salon also implies different practices. To facilitate sliding, the masseuse uses a neutral, odorless lubricant. The penis is rubbed, squeezed, sipped. Feelings don’t hurt. Only pleasant feelings.

Stimulation of the prostate requires a special approach. To do this, a woman uses a lubricant. The finger is inserted into the anus. After that, the specialist stimulates the gland.

These three types can complement each other. Or used separately. Beginners should start with the testicles or penis. Otherwise, vivid sensations will frighten. Any man can study the types of erotic massage on the salon’s website.

Popular myths

The intimate sphere is associated with prejudices. Some are sure: prostate massage is needed only for people with non-standard preferences. It is a myth. Stimulation of the prostate gland solves a number of sexual problems. That the same goes for working with the scrotum, the penis. Massage of erogenous zones helps restore erection, prevent the development of genitourinary diseases. Massage is needed for problems with conception. The development of the prostate has a positive effect on sperm quality.

Another myth is that work with the gland is carried out independently. Theoretically, yes. In practice, it is difficult and almost impossible. Better to trust the professionals.

Urological massage for men in Kyiv is carried out in the salon. It will give you an unforgettable experience. After them, intimate life will shine with new colors. Customers have nothing to worry about – the company keeps the secret of everyone’s identity.

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